This project was my final exam project of Multimedia Design and Communication back in 2010. It was very interesting and rewarding in knowledge as I never worked with Unity 3D and new modern technology before. Main purpose was to create entertaining simmulation for 4D advanced chair. Chair is build by IT, electronic and musician genius Jonas Wehding. We used virtual reality glasses, accelerometerand to enhance user experience.

The main idea was to create extreme roller coaster experience to demonstrate chairs abilities. User is seated in 4D chair with virtual reality glasses on. Animated sequence starts inside house where this "rocket carriage" was built. Right after user can see that it won't be traditional roler coster experience as path contains steep downhil ride with broken rails, hillsides and slopes. Path consists of 5 parts: top- hillside area, tunel, forest with sawmill, burnt forest with field, and another hill where user suppose to drop of the rails and...

This project introduced me to UV mapping, texturing, working with graph editor and many other new things to me back in the days.