For me 3D is way to express inexpressible in real life, create what I like and want to have control over. I love creating environments, as it includes various architectural stylistics, different moods and storytelling.

Here you can see some of my 3d projects. I started working with 3d in 2009. My first projet was game level design, which I did in Source "Half-life 2" engine. Since I loved the game and I was very passionate about it's thematics I started working on multiplayer game level, "The base". I remember it was so addictive and enjoyable for me that first days I worked overnight. It was interesting to learn how it is done, face problems and look on Internet how to solve them. I found that there are many forums with same passionate people who are always willing to help each other.

In 2010 I started Multimedia design and Communication edducation. There I did some 3d renderes and "Roller Field" game/simulation as my final graduation project. The game was created to test 4D cinematic chair that would react to movements of 3d environment.

After graduating Multimedia design I started working on few game characters. When I created Android character with help of tutorial, I made a challange to animate it. When I animated it I figured out I could try to put it in Unity game engine and try to make it react to buttons. When that worked out I started working on it's environment.