About me

You are reading about passionate multimedia graphic designer. He was born and raised in Lithuania, but currently lives in Denmark's most beautiful city - Copenhagen. You might think, why he moved there? He moved there to study and expand his horizons. He loves it and enjoys exploring graphic world as well as learning what he wants to become as person. You might guess that he is young person, well he is only 24 years, and you are right! He started studying "Multimedia design and communication" in 2010 and now continuing his promising journey in "Medialogy" education.

You are probably reader with passions in life. Well he is devoted as well, he loves exploring world of graphic and web design, game development and sometimes he tastes programming. He believes that he can unite his skills and be fully rounded multimedia graphic designer. Of course he understands that road to perfection is bumpy and very long. Remember when you worked long on something you really wanted? The confidence in you said that you will achieve- you were patient and self motivated person.

Life of Laurynas Lubys is pretty busy right now, but he would enjoy giving part of his time to one great company! Don't hesitate to contact him! CV here! Email him!